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Our database is updated daily which is particularly important now, given the pace of work on the development of COVID-19 vaccines, tests, and treatments.

Below we summarized the data about COVID-19 biotech products.

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COVID-19 vaccines

Technology platform

Label Amount
Protein Subunit 36%
Non-Replicating Viral Vector 14%
RNA 13%
Replicating Viral Vector 11%
DNA 9%
VLP 7%
Inactivated 7%
Live Attenuated Virus 2%
Unknown 1%

Current stage of clinical evaluation

Label Count
Pre-Clinical 126
Phase 1 5
Phase 1/2' 5
Phase 2 2
Phase 2b/3' 1

Type of company

Label Amount
Public companies 22%
Private Companies 37%
Institutions 41%

COVID-19 treatments

Technology platform

Label Amount
Antibodies 32%
Antiviral 12%
Cell-based Therapy 7%
RNA-based treatments 3%
Others 46%

Current stage of clinical evaluation

COVID-19 tests


Label Amount
PCR 72%
Serological 24%
Cell-based Therapy 7%
isothermal amplification 2%
Sequencing 1%
Antigen 1%

Number of approved tests by region

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