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M&S Technologies Launches the Smart System® Virtual Reality Headset Including Critical Eye Tracking Function
By: PR Newswire Association LLC. - 25 Jul 2021Back to overview list

NILES, Ill., July 25, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- New Virtual-Reality Vision Testing Headset from M&S Technologies

Accuracy through eye tracking and a better patient experience through speed of testing.

M&S Technologies, an innovative vision testing equipment developer and manufacturer, has announced the introduction of its new virtual reality vision testing system - The Smart System VR Headset. This new dimension in vision testing will give eye-care professionals greater accuracy and efficiency while offering patients a better examination experience.

The Smart System VR headset is portable, allows for testing in a fully illuminated room, and requires no internet connection to operate. The headset, with built-in eye tracking for fixation monitoring, provides accurate 10-2, 24-2 and 30-2 visual field and contour stereo testing. The M&S VR Headset is adaptable to add many of the time-tested Smart System vision testing modules.

"For over 30 years M&S has focused on providing the highest quality software and advanced computerized testing systems to enable eye-care professionals to better care for their patients. Our new Smart System VR Headset, with visual field testing times under 3 minutes per eye, further demonstrates this commitment to perfecting vision testing technology while bringing increased efficiency and flexibility to our customer's practice." - Joe Marino, Global Head of M&S Technologies

For more information call 847-763-0500.

About M&S Technologies:

Founded in 1990, M&S Technologies is a software development and device manufacturer, rooted in state-of-the art software development, local manufacturing and superior customer service. M&S is known worldwide for leading technological advancements in visual testing systems. M&S is dedicated to bringing high quality, extremely accurate testing products to eye-care professionals, optometry schools, and universities.

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Martha Berns, M&S Technologies, 847-763-0500,


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