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Unique dataset

The Licensing Deal database, provided by Biotechgate in cooperation with PharmaPlus, contains a unique collection of data that will allow you to:

  • Access 2,219 deals each with financial information - searchable by therapeutic indication and many additional criteria
  • Understand how deal making trends have evolved since 1996
  • Identify how peer group deals have been structured when preparing for your negotiations
  • Benchmark your next deal

Extent of information

The product specific deal records are regularly updated and include information about the licensor, licensee, disease area, indication, compound class, product name, development stage, geographic territory, potential deal size (upfront payment, regulatory and sales milestone payments and royalties on sales), research funding and equity. All deals have at least one financial information component (deal size, upfront, milestone, royalty, equity, research funding).

The Biotechgate Licensing Deal database covers both big pharma and small biopharmaceutical company deals. Examples of the latter include AFFiRiS, EffRX, Oncolys Biopharma, Stellar Pharmaceuticals and Mondobiotech. 100+ deals for Pfizer (including Wyeth and additional subsidiaries), 130+ deals involving Merck & Co (including Schering-Plough, Organon et al.), 90+ deals for Roche (including Genentech et al.) and 40+ deals for Takeda (incl. subsidiaries) are only a few examples of deals involving big pharma companies available in the Licensing Deal database.

Click on the following rows to see some sample deals:

The database is searchable by licensor, licensee, disease area, indication, compound class, product name, development stage (from "research" to "filed for regulatory approval"), geographic territory, financial data, year of deal establishment, and any combination thereof. The Licensing Deal database also includes a powerful free-text search.

About the licensing deal database

The Licensing Deals Database is brought to you in cooperation with the Dutch PharmaPlus Consultancy. PharmaPlus is a specialist in licensing related services in the Life Sciences field and has monitored and collected Licensing Deal information since 1996.

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You can bookmark any licensing deal with an easy click on the bookmark symbol. The selected favorites will then be available on your personal "Bookmarks" page.

Click on the bookmark symbol flag your favorite profiles. Click on the bookmark symbol to flag your favorite profiles.

Results lists can be downloaded to excel. Please note that the excel download does not contain the complete information available in the profile and that not any information is available for each licensing deal. The following list provides an overview about the details which are included in a download.

  • licensor
  • licensee
  • year of deal
  • year of deal
  • Name of compound
  • Compound details
  • deal size (remark)
  • Upfront amount
  • research funding remarks
  • research funding amount
  • profit sharing licensor
  • profit sharing licensee
  • royalties amount
  • equity amount
  • deal size (amount)
  • remarks
  • compound details
  • currency
  • territory

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