The Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences: Seeking bright minds from home and abroad

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Employer: The Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Location: China
Publication date: 08 Oct 2018
h1. About ILAS The Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences (ILAS), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) & Peking Union Medical College is the only national level institution specializing in fundamental and applied research in laboratory animal sciences. Based on new-type laboratory animal resources and technical research, as well as medical experiments and comparative medicine research of diseases in animals of various species and in human, ILAS investigates the nature of diseases, facilitates translation of results, and serves the cause of human health. ILAS boasts China’s only Key Laboratory of Human Disease Comparative Medicine, the National Platform of Infectious Disease Experiments and Drugs Assessment, and China’s only Resource Center for Animal Model Resources of Human Diseases. It also ranks the country’s No. 1 in terms of resource quantities in human disease animal models, germ-free animals, disease-specific animal species, genetically engineered rats, animal models of infectious diseases and animals of genetic diversity, as well as its technology in producing disease animal models. It also leads the world in part of its resources possessed, which has greatly promoted the medical research and translation of findings of CAMS and the country beyond. ILAS is home to four research centers, namely Research Center for Laboratory Animals Resources, Research Center for Comparative Medicine, Research Center for Experimental Pathogens and Research Center for Medical Translation. It consists of 22 research teams that mainly focus on breeding, conservation and development of laboratory animals and animal models, comparative medicine research in critical human chronic diseases and infectious diseases based on animal models, and research in medical translation. ILAS is the support unit of the Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences and the Technical Committee on Laboratory Animal Science of Standardization Administration of China. It is also the sponsor of two Chinese journals of Dual Core and _Animal Model and Experimental Medicine_, the only English journal in laboratory animal sciences in China. It houses the only international talent training base for laboratory animal technology in Asia. In 2017, CAMS launched talents introduction policy led by the program of ‘High-end Scientific and Technological Talents Recruitment’. With the mission to establish the core base of national innovative system in medical science and technology as well as ‘Double Top University Plan’, ILAS welcomes outstanding talents from home and abroad to get on board by offering candidates with excellent working conditions, relaxed and open research environment, generous salary and benefits, and substantial research support. It aims to provide platform for outstanding scholars who are devoted to the development of life science and medical experiment. h1. Recruitment specifics h2. 1、Leading talents Candidates need to have demonstrated capability to organize and manage major scientific and technological activities or research missions; be capable of putting forward research ideas that are strategic, forward-looking and innovative, as well as leading the team in cutting-edge scientific research and making technical breakthroughs in key fields; be authors of more than 10 papers of significant academic importance, with at least 1 paper published in Nature, Science, Cell, NEJM, JAMA and Lancet (sister journals excluded) as the corresponding author. The applicant shall also have significant influence in related fields. Compensation and benefits: The annual salary will be in the range of RMB 600,000-800,000, with a settling-in allowance of RMB 1.5 million. The research support fund is RMB 10-20 million. h2. 2、Young talents Candidates should demonstrated strong capability in scientific research and technological development; with research results well recognized by peers; had at least 1 paper published in Nature, Science, Cell, NEJM, JAMA and Lancet (sister journals excluded) as the first author or corresponding author; and with potential to become an academic or technical leader in the field. Compensation and benefits: The annual salary will be at RMB 300,000-500,000 with a settling-in allowance at RMB 1 million. The research support fund is RMB 5-10 million. h1. Application requirements 1、Maximum 50 years of age; 2、Holding a Ph.D. degree from a famous domestic or overseas university; 3、Holding a formal teaching or researching position in a prestigious university or research institute overseas and have been working overseas for 3 consecutive years since obtaining the Ph.D. degree; 4、With significant influence or great development potential in the discipline and field he/she is engaged in; 5、Willing to apply for the ‘High-end Science and Technology Talents Recruitment’ program of CAMS and other talent programs h1. How to apply If you meet the above requirements, please send a CV (including personal information, study and working experiences, major academic achievements in past 5 years etc.) and attached materials (including degree/qualification certificate, certificate of employment, evidence of academic performance etc.) to the email address below before 31th December 2018. ILAS will organize a qualification assessment and academic evaluation of the applicants and those who are qualified will be invited for a face-to-face interview at the institute. Please contact the HR Office for more details. h1. Contacts Mailing address: HR Office of the Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences, CAMS, 5 Nanli, Pan Garden, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China (Post code:100021) Contact Person: Professor Yang, Professor Di Tel: +86-010-67776050 E-mail: [link to] [link to]
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