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People Who Maintain Quality Dental Care Also Experience a Higher Quality of Life

LOS ANGELES, May 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Most of us already know the value of good dental care. We've been told all our lives how important it is to maintain strong oral hygiene, good dental habits, and to keep up regular visits to the dentist. Still, a surprisingly large number of Americans put off a visit to the dentist, and fail to keep consistently good habits. Many view a cavity or two as the greatest consequence of poor dental care. The truth is, however, that the negative effects can extend far beyond the teeth and the mouth itself to lead to worsening issues. Yet, patients who practice better oral care, and who visit a world class facility like Medical Center Dental Care that employs a popular West Hills orthodontist, dentist, endodontist, and oral surgeon, tend to enjoy a higher quality of life, overall.

Though it's easy enough to forget, the teeth are an essential part of the digestive system. The cosmetic implications of missing or damaged teeth are enough to make the average person seek treatment, but those consequences can affect more than appearances. If the teeth begin to break down, either due to poor habits and care, or as the result of normal wear and tear, bacteria can cause rot and decay which can spread to the gums and the rest of the mouth. Periodontal disease is a serious issue, and, unfortunately, one that affects millions of Americans each year. According to the American Association of Dentistry, 3 out of every 4 American are in the stages of some form of gum disease, yet most aren't aware of it.

In addition to potentially causing long term oral issues, periodontal disease has also been linked to other health issues, many of them serious. Doctors and medical professionals have found the same bacteria that causes gum disease in other areas of the body with patients suffering from other medical issues. These issues include lung disease and heart disease. While to some, the idea of poor dental habits potentially leading to a bad heart, or respiratory issues may seem far-fetched, the link has been well-observed and documented within the medical community.

For anyone looking for a Woodland Hills dentist or a dental expert anywhere, it's important to remember that perfect, pearly white teeth are good for more than a dazzling smile. Dental work provided by experts like the team at Medical Center Dental Care keep your teeth looking great and, more importantly, help prevent periodontal disease. When searching for the right dentist, rely on true expertise and experience when it comes to Calabasas dental work.  For more information about Medical Center Dental Care or to schedule an appointment today, please visit or call (818) 452-0038.

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By: PR Newswire Association LLC. - 29 May 2015
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