Photometrics, Cairn Research and Mizar Imaging Announce New Collaboration for High Power, High Sensitivity Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

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TUCSON, Ariz., Feb. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- US-based scientific camera designer and manufacturer Photometrics, scientific instruments manufacturer Cairn Research and systems developer Mizar Imaging have created a partnership to offer a new, high power, high sensitivity light sheet fluorescence microscopy solution. The MizarTILT light sheet system combined with the Photometrics Prime 95B, the world's first back-illuminated scientific CMOS camera, provides an ideal solution for researchers looking to use light sheet fluorescence microscopy for long time scale imaging of coverslip-mounted samples with high NA Plan Apo and TIRF objectives.

The MizarTILT is a light sheet conversion system for fluorescence microscopes that gives users light sheet illumination capabilities along with the high-resolution imaging advantages of epifluorescence. The TILT uses a cylindrical lens to create a light sheet from an expanded laser source, similar to a conventional light sheet system. The critical difference is the TILT directs the light sheet at an angle to focus the thinnest part of the light sheet as close as possible to the objective lens. This allows researchers to use high NA objectives and to benefit from higher resolution imaging and more efficient light-gathering.

Working together with the Photometrics Prime 95B™ Scientific CMOS camera, images can be obtained on the TILT with a 95% quantum efficiency to maximize the light-gathering effectiveness of high power objectives. Furthermore, high power objectives complement the large 11x11 ?m pixels of the Prime 95B to allow for high magnification, high-resolution imaging. This is all possible with the fast speed and large field of view expected of a scientific CMOS device.

The combination of the MizarTILT and the Photometrics Prime 95B is perfect for any researcher who wants to use light sheet imaging with higher power objectives to greatly reduce photodamage and photobleaching and increase imaging time.

About Photometrics
Founded in 1978, Photometrics designs and manufactures Scientific CMOS, EMCCD and CCD cameras. The original architect of the world's first scientific-grade microscopy EMCCD camera, the company maintains its leadership role with the release of Prime, the first sCMOS with built-in computational intelligence for image restoration and Prime 95B, the first Scientific CMOS with 95% quantum efficiency. Photometrics also offers OEM support, including fully characterized, cost-efficient imaging systems and components. Additional information is found at

About Cairn Research
Based in Kent, UK, Cairn Research is an independent microscopy research-orientated company specializing in solutions for the life sciences. Since their origins as a provider of turnkey optical systems for fast intracellular ion measurements, they've maintained close links with their academic customer base. This has enabled them to develop a broad range of products and solutions to meet the expanding needs of their customers. Their strength lies in their understanding of both the requirements of the microscopy research community and of the advances in technology from which researchers can benefit. Additional information is available at

About Mizar Imaging
Mizar Imaging was founded by Paul Maddox, a researcher, in his lab at the University of North Carolina. His goal as a cell biologist was to create a system for cell biologists who wanted to image samples over long periods of time without photobleaching or photodamage. To this end, he created a light sheet technique known as Lateral Interference Tilted Excitation (LITE) to combine light sheet microscopy with high magnification, high power objectives. This became the Mizar TILT, engineered by Cairn Research. Additional information is available at

Photometrics Press Contact:
Cyndy Nawrocki. Marketing Communications Director
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Cairn Press Contact:
James Kerin, Marketing Director
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Mizar Imaging Press Contact:
Onjalé Scott
+1 951 315 7644

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