Global clinical trial directory

Biotechgate provides a clinical trial database with over 660,000 clinical studies, aggregated from 20 trial registries from around the world. Wherever feasible, the trial studies are linked to one of over 58,000 company profiles in Biotechgate. This allows navigating from the clinical trials to the corresponding company information, its technologies, financing or management.

Biotechgate’s clinical trial directory is used by business development professionals from around the globe to identify companies and their products in an early stage. Besides comprehensive search filters, a timeline allows to see the development of a trial twelve months ago. And thanks to the Biotechgate alert feature, you can set up automated email alerts to be notified if new trials are added or studies of interest are updated.

Biotechgate Global clinical trial directory

Powerful search functions

The filter functions include a free text search with a "tag search"-feature and a large number of search categories, such as:

  • Clinical phase
  • Disease, indication and type of intervention
  • Clinical status of the study (an indicator estimated by Biotechgate based on registration date, trial activity updates and clinical phase)
  • Recruitment status
  • Source register (20 registries from all continents)
  • Search by sponsor
  • Filter by date of registration, enrollment and latest update

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Oliver Middendorp, CEO at Numab