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CellResearch Corporation (CRC) to present promising new stem cell products for the treatment of chronic diabetic foot ulcers at the world's premier diabetic foot conference (DFCon) in Los Angeles
By: PR Newswire Association LLC. - 26 Sep 2022Back to overview list

-  CRC data on cord lining media for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers has been accepted at the DFCon, with Dr Wong Keng Lin Francis, CRC's latest KOL, presenting his findings to world leaders in the field of DFU.

-  Similarly, the results of Corlicyte™'s Phase 1 study on the treatment of chronic diabetic foot has also been accepted with the presentation being given by Dr Cecilia Low-Wang, the trials Principal Investigator.

-  DFCon is a global specialist multi-disciplinary congress that attracts specialists in the field of the diabetic foot and is considered the most influential event in the industry. It is co-founded by Dr David Armstrong, a pre-eminent expert in diabetic foot.

-  Dr Armstrong, who also serves on CRC's scientific advisory board, will be giving the opening address for CRC's breakfast symposium on their lead products Sollagen™ and Corlicyte™.

-  CorLiCyte™ is an umbilical cord lining stem cell therapy, for patients suffering with diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), Sollagen™ is a brand targeting diabetic's skin.

-  Global diabetes patient population is set to grow from 537 million in 2021 to 783 million in 20451

-  DFU is a global health emergency that will affect close to 20% of the diabetic population in their lifetime

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CRC is delighted to announce attendance at DFCon, the global specialist multidisciplinary congress focused on the diabetic foot held in late September 2022 in Los Angeles, USA. The meeting is a gathering of a wide range of both generalists and specialists who diagnose and manage diabetic feet, to discuss best practice in diagnostics and interventions for both treatment and amputation prevention. It was co-founded and is co-chaired by Dr David Armstrong, a pre-eminent expert in diabetic foot who also serves on CRC's scientific advisory board.

Dr David Armstrong will be introducing CRC's headline symposium on Saturday morning where Dr Paul Kemp, the inventor of Apligraf and scientific advisory board member, and esteemed researchers Dr Brian Freed and Dr Wong Keng Lin Francis will present an overview of CRC's technology and data.

Furthermore, CRC have two scientific posters approved for presentation at DFCon on the data generated in Corlicyte™ and Sollagen™:

The first poster "Results of the phase 1 open-label safety study of umbilical cord lining (Corlicyte™) to heal chronic diabetic foot ulcers" details the Phase I study in Corlicyte™ and is authored by Cecilia Low Wang and the team from the University of Colorado who conducted the study.

The second poster by Dr Wong from Sengkang General Hospital/Duke NUS is titled "Early evaluation of Sollagen™, a topical exosomal skin conditioner derived from Umbilical cord lining cell media, in treatment of persistent chronic DFU" and details the impressive early data generated with Sollagen™ in chronic diabetic foot ulcers.

Both posters are a testament to the immense potential of Corlicyte™ and Sollagen™ for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer, a huge issue for patients and health care systems alike.

CRC's presence at such a specialized and well-regarded scientific and medical forum reflects the exciting data the company is generating. It is a strong indication of the academic and clinical network that the company is building to deliver products that can make a dramatic difference to patients with a large unmet medical need.

About CellResearch Corporation (CRC)

CellResearch Corporation was founded in 2002 as a contract research provider focusing on skin cells. In 2004, the company made the discovery that the umbilical cord lining of mammals was an abundant source of both mesenchymal and epithelial stem cells. Today, the company owns this technology through a family of patents and holds the rights to commercialize this technology in most major markets globally. While the closure of diabetic foot ulcers is the company's first allogeneic therapy to make it to the end of Phase 1 USFDA clinical trials, CellResearchCorp has a broad therapeutic pipeline at the pre-clinical stage. Further therapies include solid tumor therapy, inflammatory diseases, cardiac muscle repair, Parkinson's Disease, Age-related Macular Degeneration and Diabetes.

CellResearch Consumer Health, a wholly owned subsidiary of CellResearch Corp, is the commercialization vehicle for CALECIM® Professional and the newly launching Sollagen™. It produces an innovative range of skincare and haircare products using cord lining stem cell media to power its products. It is used in clinics/hospitals and as part of an at-home anti-aging skincare regime. It is distributed globally through over 600 aesthetic physicians and online via their own website. It has a key distribution partnership with Menarini Group across Southeast Asia.

CellResearch Corp partner, Cordlife offers parents the opportunity to bank their child's umbilical cord tissue alongside their cord blood. Cordlife has what is believed to be the largest licensed bank of umbilical cord tissue globally. As cell therapies move into the clinic, Cordlife will have the ability to expand stem cells from a banked umbilical cord for autologous and donor-related uses.

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