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21 Swiss Startups to take the Stage at China's Hottest Tech Expos
By: PR Newswire Association LLC. - 14 Oct 2021Back to overview list

SHANGHAI, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- 21 Swiss startups will be joining the primely-located SwissTech Pavilions at China Hi-Tech Fair from November 17 - 21, 2021 in Shenzhen, and Tech G Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Show from January 13 - 15, 2022 in Shanghai. The world-class Swiss startups will be taking to the stage on-site and online, including seven startups from the Venture Leaders Deeptech 2021 program organized by Venturelab.

The 21 participating Swiss startups come from fields of Cleantech, IoT, Vehicle Technology, Robotics, Software, AR/VR, Life Science, Microtechnology, Additive Manufacturing, HealthTech, Environmental Tech, EnergyTech and Neuromorphic Intelligence. The SwissTech Pavilions offer these startups an opportunity to showcase their products and services, to gain quick access to the China market, to raise brand exposure to a huge audience and to make high-quality connections with investors, incubators, partners, manufacturers and customers.

"As part of our SwissTech campaign, which aims at raising the awareness of Switzerland as an innovative location, we're proud to support the work of Swissnex in China and its SwissTech China series," said Ambassador Nicolas Bideau, Head of Presence Switzerland, the unit of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in charge of promoting Switzerland's image abroad, "Come and discover groundbreaking innovation under SwissTech Pavilion. The Swiss startups will surprise you by showcasing their pioneering solutions to solve tomorrow's global challenges."

Among the 21 participating startups, 19 will be joining the SwissTech Pavilion at China Hi-Tech Fair located in the International Pavilion at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and 16 Swiss startups will join the SwissTech pavilion at Tech G located in the Startup Area at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Due COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions, eight of the startups will join on-site, while 13 startups will join virtually.

Switzerland launched the SwissTech China series in 2021 starting with the national startup pavilion at Consumer Technology & Innovation Show (CTIS) in June. The series aims to highlight Switzerland's leading position as a global innovation hub and to promote the visibility of Swiss startups across China's hottest tech events. Three out of the five startups participating on-site at CTIS were awarded with the Best of CTIS Innovation Award.

The SwissTech China series is organized by Swissnex in China in partnership with ETH Zurich, EPFL, Innovaud, Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland Innovation, Venturelab and the SwissTech campaign partners Presence Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Innosuisse, digitalswitzerland and Swissnex.

Discover 21 top Swiss startups at China's hottest tech exhibitions.

Further information on the SwissTech China series:

China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) / Tech G SwissTech pavilion participating startups

Bloom Biorenewables | Florent Héroguel |             Cleantech

Making biomass a true alternative to petroleum

@ CHTF & Tech G

collectID | David Geisser |                                                                            IoT

We are the truth behind the product

@ CHTF & Tech G

EH Group Engineering | Christopher Brandon |             Vehicle Technology

Innovative fuel cell technology – high power density at significantly lower cost


F&P Robotics | Monica Zhang |                                               Robotics

F&P Robotics personal robots serve and assist people to improve their quality of life

@ Tech G

Fixposition | Derek Wang |                                                             Software

Precise Positioning Everywhere


FlavorWiki | Daniel Protz |                                                                Software

Agile consumer insights platform in the F&B industry

@ CHTF & Tech G

Flyability | Xiaolin Briod-Wang |                                                        Robotics

Drone for Inaccessible Places

@ Tech G

holo|one | Jeffrey Li |                                                                             AR/ VR

Standardized MR platform solution

@ CHTF & Tech G

Kemiex | Oriol Saludes |                                                                  Life Science

Digital solution to buy & sell raw materials and be informed about life-science

@ CHTF & Tech G

KOMP-ACT | Salvatore De Benedictis |                                         Robotics

Electric Actuators for greener machines

@ CHTF & Tech G

MicroR Systems | John Jost |                                   Microtechnology

MicroR sells multicolor lasers for data transmission, LIDAR & optical computing

@ CHTF & Tech G

Miraex | Pierre-Yves Guernier|                                                                      IoT

Photonic and quantum solutions for next-gen sensing, networking and computing

@ CHTF & Tech G

Oxyle | Fajer Mushtaq |                                                                           Cleantech

Oxyle's Swiss Solution to the Global Water Pollution Crisis

@ CHTF & Tech G

Perovskia | Anand Verma |                                                         Cleantech

Digitally printed customizable solar cells

@ CHTF & Tech G

Readily3D | Damien Loterie |                                   Additive Manufacturing

We help life scientists push the frontiers of biofabrication

@ CHTF & Tech G

Risklick | Poorya Amini |                                                                      HealthTech

De-risk clinical trials with Artificial Intelligence

@ CHTF & Tech G

rqmicro | Xueying Mao |                                                  Environmental Tech

rqmicro rapid microbiology tests - avoid disease outbreaks and make water safe


ShadeMe | Yujie Wu |                                                                                     IoT

We turn buildings greener and daylight comfortable

@ CHTF & Tech G

SoFlow | Zi Fong Giang |                                                    Vehicle Technology

We want to reduce the unproductive time on footways to a minimum

@ CHTF & Tech G

STOR-H | Qianwen Du |                                                                    EnergyTech

The new energy standard for green mobility


SynSense | Linwei Lv |             Neuromorphic Intelligence

Edge neuromorphic computing and neuromorphic processors


About China Hi-Tech Fair

China Hi-Tech Fair is renowned as China's largest and leading technology exhibition. It reflects the current state-of-the-art technology innovations and defines the technology and industry trends in China. Since its launch in 1999, China Hi-Tech Fair has steadily built up the networks of participants from across the globe. Among the 19 participating startups, six startups are joining on-site and 13 startups are joining virtually.

About Tech G

Tech G aims to present a comprehensive exhibition designed especially for the Asia-Pacific and global markets. It focuses on showcasing consumer electronics outcomes that are developed around the world. The exhibition is expected to welcome 30,000 professional visitors from home and abroad to enjoy the latest technologies on-site and online. Among the 16 participating startups, four are joining on-site and 12 startups are joining virtually.

About SwissTech Campaign

The SwissTech campaign is a public-private partnership supported by Presence Switzerland, Innosuisse, the Swissnex network, digitalswitzerland and Switzerland Global Enterprise. The campaign aims to raise Switzerland's profile as an innovative location for business and to promote the visibility of Swiss companies and universities abroad.

About Swissnex in China

Swissnex in China is the Science Consulate of Switzerland in China. As part of the Swissnex global network, we connect Switzerland, China and the world in science, research, education and innovation. Our mission is to support the outreach and active engagement of our partners in the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent. The six main Swissnex locations are established in some of the world's most innovative regions: Boston, Brazil, China, India, Japan and San Francisco. Swissnex is an initiative of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation of Switzerland and is part of the Swiss Confederation's network abroad managed by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

Swissnex in China official website: 

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SOURCE Swissnex in China

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