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CS Analytical Laboratory Expands Laboratory Service Offering with Addition of ASTM 4169 Package Distribution Testing
By: PR Newswire Association LLC. - 15 Sep 2021Back to overview list

CLIFTON, N.J., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- CS Analytical Laboratory, the world's only cGMP, FDA-registered and inspected contract laboratory exclusively designed and dedicated to container testing for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its service offering to include ASTM 4169 "Standard Practice For Performance Testing Of Shipping Containers And Systems" and other relevant ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) test procedures. CS Analytical has worked exclusively with Lansmont Corporation, the world's largest provider of state-of-the-art measurement, testing and monitoring equipment. The suite of Lansmont equipment that has been acquired, installed, and qualified includes:

  • The Model 1800 Vibration Test System that features a 48 by 48 inch table, a rugged hydraulic actuator, a reliable hydraulic power supply, and Lansmont's TouchTest Vibration Controller that completely integrates the test hardware, operating controls, data analysis and reporting functions. The system can perform random vibration, Field-to-Lab® simulations, resonance search and dwell, sine sweep and repetitive bounce tests all under closed loop computerized control.

  • The Lansmont PDT Drop Tester that features an electric hoist to raise and lower the drop leaf assembly and provides infinitely variable drop heights. The standard drop height range is 12 in. (30.5 cm) to 72 in. (183 cm). The system can handle test items weighing up to 177 lbs. (80 kg and is operated by a handheld controller and also includes an optional footswitch.

  • The Compression Squeezer is designed to evaluate box strength and perform distribution simulation compression tests. The system has a platen size that is 30 in. (76 cm) square with a maximum opening of 48 in. (122 cm) and a maximum force capability to 5000 lbs. (22.2 kN).

Commented CEO Brian Mulhall, "Providing clients with ASTM 4169 testing under our FDA regulated, cGMP quality systems enables CS Analytical to be a one stop provider for all routine and ancillary qualification requirements that the regulatory agencies have come to expect for all container and package systems. Our team has a lot of experience with package distribution testing for pharma and medical device products that will surely benefit all of the clients."

Added Eric Joneson, Vice President of Technology for Lansmont Corporation, " We have a long history of working with Brian and his team at CS Analytical and we are excited to support them in this new service offering. The prevalence of distribution testing in the FDA regulated environment only continues to expand and we are always happy to see our instruments being used to ensure product integrity and safety for the end user patients."

For more than 50 years, Lansmont has been providing state of the art engineering services, manufacturing and test and measurement products specifically targeted to the package distribution testing marketplace. They are the leaders when it comes to developing, installing, qualifying and using complex systems specifically designed to test a wide variety of package systems withing the distribution lifecycle. Lansmont helps engineers design stronger, more durable products and packages that can survive the rigors of the real world by measuring hazards before putting products at risk.

As part of its dedicated Comprehensive and Complimentary Servicing offering, the ASTM 4169 Distribution testing capabilities, in conjunction with other unique CS Analytical serving offerings like USP 1207 integrity testing, enable CS Analytical to meet a wide variety of regulatory and client specific qualification requirements across of broad spectrum of container and package types.

About CS Analytical Laboratory

The world's only cGMP, FDA-registered contract laboratory exclusively designed and dedicated to container testing for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, the CS Analytical Team includes world-leading experts and thought-leaders on FDA and EU regulatory expectations and USP and EP primary package testing requirements inclusive of container closure integrity (CCI) testing (CCIT). Test services include CCI method development, validation, and analysis, USP/EP/JP physical and physicochemical testing, and Comprehensive and Complementary services for all common or unique primary packaging components and systems inclusive of glass, plastic, elastomeric, and more. CS Analytical is the single source to ensure a regulated industry product-package system meets strict, complex, and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

About Lansmont Corporation

Headquartered in Monterey, California, Lansmont Corporation provides state-of-the-art technology to the world's leading companies, government laboratories and educational institutions. Since 1971, engineers around the world have relied on Lansmont technology to discover product vulnerabilities and eliminate unknowns, and ultimately find the perfect balance between a product's intended environment and its durability. In turn, Lansmont customers reduce damage and improve quality while supporting sustainability. Lansmont also maintains an office in Shanghai, China, offering strategically positioned regional Sales and Customer Support.

Media Contact

Brian Mulhall, CS Analytical, 888-571-1207,


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