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Shanghai Hansoh BioMedical Co., Ltd. - Hansoh pharmaceutical
Shanghai Hansoh BioMedical Co., Ltd. - Hansoh pharmaceutical


Profile download

Results lists for all areas (such as companies, products etc.) can be downloaded to excel.

Please note that the excel download does not contain the complete information available in the profile and that not any information is available for each company. The following table provides an overview about the details which are included in each download.

Subscription plan Biotechgate Companies
Company ID
Company name
Address, ZIP / postal code
City, country
Company contact
Number of employees
Total number of products in development / on the market
Company description
Year of foundation
Summary of products
Summary of technologies used
Primary stock exchange (public companies)
Ticker symbol (public companies)
Market cap (public companies)
Valuation (private companies)
Amount of money raised
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Subscription plan Biotechgate Companies
Company and management ID
Company name
Title and name
Position / function
Plan Biotechgate Companies
Products and technologies
Subscription plan Biotechgate Companies
Company ID and product / technology ID
Product / technology name
Name of company that owns product / technology
Type of product / technology area
Indication / technology area
Therapeutic sub-sector / indication (for Biotech products only)
Availability for in- / out-licensing
Clinical phase (for products only)
Plan Biotechgate Companies
Financing rounds
Subscription plan Biotechgate Companies
Company and financing round ID
Company name
Date (month and year) of financing
Company financing stage
Phase of most advanced Biotech product
Investment amount
Lead investors
Comments and remarks about milestones
Latest round (yes / no)
Plan Biotechgate Companies

You can generate and download a PDF-profile of each company profile. The PDF document contains all information like company description, product pipeline, contact details etc. in a compact format.

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Contact details

The profiles we provide usually contain full contact details including postal address, phone and fax number as well as e-mail address. Besides a general company address, we also provide contact details of the members of the management, board of directors as well as the advisory board. Please note that not any information is available for each company. However for more than 99% of all company profiles we provide at least one e-mail address. Furthermore there are additional 2500 direct e-mail addresses from board members and the management.

company contact
General company contact: We provide this information for 99% of the company profiles

management details
In the section management you find additional contact details for the management and board members

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Bookmarks & Notes

You can bookmark any part of a company profile with an easy click on the bookmark symbol. The selected favorites will then be available on your personal "Bookmarks" page.


Click on the bookmark symbol flag your favorite profiles.

Furthermore you have the possibility to add your personal notes to each company profile as well as to define the kind of relationship you have to an organization (e.g. potential client, supplier, competitor etc.). You can reach the area to add or edit notes by clicking on the "Notes" tab in the pop-up of any company profile.


Add your personal notes to any profile and define the relationship you have to this company

In the Notes area of your Biotechgate account you can then find and manage your notes in two different ways: "Overview on Notes" brings you to a list with all comments you (or somebody else of your company) added. "Companies" will show you the list of all the company's profile for which you have added at least one comment.

On the "Notes overview" page you can search, edit and share your notes

Share your notes with your colleagues

It is possible to assign several Biotechgate subscribers to one notes account in order to share notes (only available with subscription and if the subscribers are within the same company). Every author may either choose to publish the notes to his colleagues or to keep the comments to himself.

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With a Biotechgate subscription you have access to financial sections of the company profiles: In the general company profile, we provide key financial figures, such as sales, R&D costs, earnings etc. Under "Financing rounds" you find details about the company's financing history including the raised amounts, the valuation, lead investors and remarks about milestone payments. Please note that not any information is available for each profile.

Financing rounds

Under the tab "Financing rounds" you find details about the financing history of a company

Financial information about licensing deals you can find in the Biotechgate Licensing Deals database (requires a separate subscription). Click here to learn more about licensing deals >>

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Product Pipelines

Besides a summary of the company's product and technology portfolio, we provide detailed information about the pipelines of companies which are active in the drug development. Click on the tab "Products" to see a pipeline graph as well as information about licensing status, marketing rights, the development phase, the indication area, IP situation etc.


The tab "Products" provides detailed information about the product pipeline of a company

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